Zambuto Mangimi was born in Castelcovati (Brescia) at the beginning of the 60s thanks to Pellegrino Zambuto’s initiative who was a miller and trader of corn and wheat from the west of Brescia.

In 70s the small company passed into the hands of his son Giuseppe who, with the support of his wife Giuliana, looks at the future and expandes the horizons of company with the sale of all products related to agronomy (seeds, weeding and fertilizers). So he starts to make his way in the business of cereales and raw materials.

Thanks to founders willpower and creativity, at he beginning of 90s the company moved to industrial area of Castelcovati, where was created the new production – commercial complex that thanks to constant expansion it reached 10,000 square meters of sourface over the years. The addition of about 40 new silo with different capacities and a modern feed mill for internal production of animal feed for zootechnical use allowed to Zambuto Mangimi to be one of avantgarde companies in the sector. Indeed, horizontal storage is around 30,000 tons, while vertical storage exceeds 1,000 tons.

Now the company is able to offer a wide range of products thank to his consolidated experience, whose objective is the contant improvement of production technologies and consequently the quality of the goods.

Zambuto Mangimi also has an equipped and modern internal laboratory, where specialized technicians carry out checks and meticulous analysis first on incoming raw materials and then on finished products. This monitoring consents both to ensure quality and guarantee consumers safety.

The society can also boast an efficient logistics service which with its own trucks allows to make delivery on time in all north Italy.

The presence of specialized techinicians able to assess animals food needs allows breeders to be able to guarantee ad hoc technical support and customized feeds line for every need of their livestock.
In the last few years, one of the strenghts of the company is wholesaling, identified as “Trade”. This allows company to become one of leading italian companies in the trade of rapeseed of flour and also to undertake relationships with customers and suppliers from other European Union countires.The assiduous weekly presence on the italian commodity exchanges allows to Zambuto Mangimi to stay in contact with the main companies at national and international level.

Quality, efficiency, punctuality, service, advice, courtesy, here are the strengths of our company, whose main objective is to satisfy the needs of customers by putting professionalism, seriousness and competence at their service.